The California comp world has lost a great one.

Anne Searcy MD passed away recently.

Dr Searcy had held various key roles in California’s work comp system; Medical Director, practitioner, regulator, program administrator.

By all accounts, Dr Searcy was a terrific physician, committed to the care of her patients she treated and the ones she touched in her myriad roles.  A close friend described her as a “wonderful woman, a real giant and decent person.  Definitely one of the good ones.”

A presentation she gave back in 2011 provides a bit of insight into her approach to medical care for workers’ comp claimants, one that is measured, careful, and focused on quality of care.

I never had the opportunity to get to know Dr Searcy outside of a couple of brief encounters.  My loss.

Her passing reminds us all that there are many people striving every day to do the right thing for the right reasons. They aren’t looking to make millions on the back of the work comp system selling too many drugs or doing too many surgeries; over-charging for services or undercounting employees.  They just figure out what needs to be done and go about doing it.

3 thoughts on “The California comp world has lost a great one.

  1. I am so sorry to hear about Dr. Searcy’s death. She absolutely was one of the best in our industry, made a positive difference in everything she did, and will be greatly missed.

  2. It was a great time of myu life when I got to work with Dr. Searcy. She listened attently, asked probitive questions that counted and made intelligent decisions as a regulator. Ann was not swayed by many of the arguments that parties made to enhance their own profits.

    She will be sorely missed by the workers’ compensation community in CA.

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