20 thoughts on “Subscription

  1. I wiill subscribe again after vacation, email address will be on extended absence mode. Thanky you!

  2. Leaving the industry. Politics in DC and in the industry are making it hard to be successful and very unpleasant.

  3. Have enjoyed and welcomed all information in the past.Retiring from my podition at Kaiser Permanente and would like to continue to receive updates.

  4. Gracias–looking forward to the continuing evolution of the work comp industry dynamics from your prospective! Maybe additional input from respondents will enhance your efforts moving forward.

  5. Joe,

    I truely enjoyed listening to you at the summit and getting to meet you in person again. What a wonderful summit this was, I am so excited to go back to my company and share the great informaton that came out of this summit. Fantastic dinner and company as well…I will have to remember that the Duck is another great protein!