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Disabling disability

Jon Coppelman has written a great posting about the disability-enhancing powers of disability payments in “Workers Comp Insider”.
To quote Mr. Coppleman:
“In an article by E. J. Mundel at, a “meta-analysis” of 211 research studies from across the globe reveals that indemnity (lost wage) payments have a strong influence on medical outcomes. In all but one of the studies, workers receiving financial compensation for work-related injuries were almost four times more likely to have poorer long-term medical outcomes than uncompensated workers.”
If you are in the workers’ comp or disability businesses, read the posting. It provides a scientific foundation for the gut feeling that many of us industry long-timers have sensed for years. If people get paid to be out of work, it is harder to get (some of) them back on the job.
It’s just common sense.
What does this mean for you?
Probably makes you feel better that what you thought was going on really is.

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