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Ohio Bureau of Workers Comp’s latest problem

Jon Coppelman at Workers’ Comp Insider has an intriguing post about the problems at the Ohio Bureau of Workers Comp. Kudos to Jon as he appears to have scooped the New York Times, who published their article a couple days later. To quote Jon;
“The workers compensation bureau has invested $50 million in rare coins, working through Tom Noe, a man prominent in Republican fund raising circles. Indeed, Mr. Noe has been recognized by the Bush-Cheney campaign as a “Pioneer,” as he raised over $100,000 for the President’s re-election campaign.
Realm of the Coin
At this point, it appears that some of the coins purchased by the state fund are missing. Two of the most valuable, totaling a quarter of a million dollars, were “lost in the mail” according to Noe. An additional 119 coins were “misappropriated by an employee.” The coins “went missing” back in 2003, but Noe neglected to tell anyone. The initial estimate for the missing coins was $400,000. Now, according to Noe’s own attorney, the figure is somewhere between $10 and $12 million.”
Despite the very troubling implications of this debacle, it does make for highly entertaining reading. Following the comedy of errors (being kind) perpetrated (or should I say committed) by elected and appointed officials will being a chuckle and shake of the head to most readers.

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