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Health Insurance Market conditions

Health care inflation rates are unsustainable. Costs are now growing four times faster than wages, driven primarily by hospital pricing and drug utilization. The average family of four with health insurance now pays over $12,000 in health care related costs each year; their health insurance premiums alone are just under $11,000. The cost of health insurance has forced employers and employees to forgo heath insurance, causing providers to shift costs to their insureds, thereby raising premiums by $922 per family.
I have been speaking with several knowledgeable individuals about these issues, trying to puzzle out when the crisis will reach a point where it will be addressed in a meaningful way. One of the conversations has been with Bob Laszewski, one of the nation’s leading experts on health care policy, the insurance markets, cost drivers, and pragmatic approaches to all. In a recent conversation with Bob about health care cost drivers, he pointed out that the “leveling off” of the health care inflation rate is now affecting pricing for health insurance. Indeed, early indications are that large employers and health plans buying reinsurance (insurance to cover unexpectedly high losses from their members) are keeping rate increases somewhat lower than overall trend rates.
How is this happening? Simple, really. The

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