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Sedgwick CMS acquired by Fidelity National

Sedgwick CMS, one of the leading claims administrators in the property and casualty industry, will be acquired by Fidelity National, the largest title insurance company in the country. This followed a several-month process wherein a number of entities were competing to purchase Sedgwick.
If you haven’t heard of Fidelity National (no. 261 on Fortune 500), here’s their PR blurb…
“(Fidelity is a) leading provider of core financial institution processing, mortgage loan processing and related information products and outsourcing services to financial institutions, mortgage lenders and real estate professionals. Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, FNF is also a provider of specialty insurance products, including flood insurance, homeowners insurance and home warranty insurance…”
Looks like a complementary deal – Sedgwick does “outsourced” claims processing, albeit serving a different marketplace and different customers. In the announcement, FNF’s CEO said Segwick’s acquistion will enable FNF to “leverage our core expertise in title insurance processing and financial transaction processing…”
Perhaps FNF is thinking that their home-grown expertise in processing title insurance and other transactions can be helpful to Sedgwick, or Sedgwick can provide FNF with expertise that will streamline operations at their new parent.
Other than that, I don’t see any “synergies”.
Thanks to an anonymous reader for the heads-up.

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