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Medicare to pay docs more if…

Medicare says they will compensate doctors for underpaying them if Congress succesfully rescinds the cuts in reimbursement that went into effect the first of this year.
CMS says they will simply figure out how much docs should have been paid and cut them a single check to make up the difference (the cut is 4.4%).
This is predicated on the belief that Congress will actually rescind the SGR cuts. It does not mention how much this bookkeeping will cost the doctors or Medicare processors, who may have to apply this amount retrospectively to specific bills, providers, procedures, etc.
Meanwhile, the Medicare fee schedule is the basis for most workers comp and other state-set fee schedules. Sources indicate some payers are not changing their WC payment schedules to reflect the official decrease, others are, and all are wondering what to do if Congress does something wierd.
Glad I’m not in operations…
What does this mean for you?
More work, probably more mistakes, and absolutely no benefit or increased profit, productivity, or pleasure for anyone.

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