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The VA’s been cooking the books

Richard Eskow of Sentinel Effect reports on the latest revelations about a bit of book-cooking at the VA. Seems the VA has been a bit, or perhaps more than a bit, overly positive about its record.
More troubling than boosterism is the allegation that the VA selectively reported results, and even fabricated conclusions to make the system appear better than it actually is.
As a fan of the VA, I’m concerned about two things.

First, are we getting what we are paying for? And are vets getting the care they need?
Second, the Veterans’ Administration’s good news, solid performance, and demonstrated excellence in some areas will be called into question, or even worse, rejected.
The all-but-inevitable fallout will include an orgy of I-told-you-sos and chortling from the government-is-bad crowd.
What does this mean for you?
Once again folks, be open, honest, clear, and tell the truth and the whole truth.

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