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Applause applause for the Lone Star State

Texas just released workers comp medical payment data for 2005 and 2006. There’s some really great stuff here.

The data tables for hospitals contain –
– DRG codes
– ICD9 (diagnosis) codes
– Procedure codes
– Facility identifiers
– Charges and payments by line item
– Referring provider ID info
– and lots of other neat info
So, what can you do with this? Here are a few ideas…
1. Compare your costs to other WC payer costs for the same or similar procedures and facilities.
2. Compare your payment-to-charge ratio to other payers’.
3. Determine what treatment for a particular diagnosis(es) costs across all payers, and compare it your expenses.
4. Evaluate your provider reimbursement, for specific providers.
And lots of other stuff I’d have to charge you for.
What does this mean for you?
Kudos to the great state of Texas for making this data available to all. Now it’s up to the analysts and business folks to use it to make better decisions.

3 thoughts on “Applause applause for the Lone Star State”

  1. very much interested in the Texas work comp hospital charge data that was reported on your site – June 1, 2007. Where is that report on the Texas Department of Insurance website?

  2. Hi,
    I am interested in the data. After a little time at the website, am unclear how to get the CDs the data is on, or how much they cost.
    If you know, please let us know… if not this “release” has been wrapped up nicely in red tape!

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