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Who’s more incompetent?

Jay at Colorado Health Insurance Insider makes a few trenchant observations on the “government is incompetent” meme.

One thought on “Who’s more incompetent?”

  1. Joe,
    while Jay of Colorado Health has made some “trenchant observations,” my issue with the goverment is that our esteemed public servants can make decisions that impact our healthcare and even our retirement and still not have to live with the resulting outcomes. Perhaps if they would have to live with the results of their decisions that they are making on our behalf – I would be more open to universal healthcare. Until the politicians have to live with their own decisions, I am not convinced they are a viable alternative.
    I am still waiting for a leader to suggest that everyone plays by the same rules. Can you imagine what would happen if our elected officials had the same healthcare coverage as the people they represent had?

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