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What does the future hold for IntraCorp?

CIGNA has a new CEO, David Cordani, who is planning on growing the company internationally.
Which may, or may not, have implications for CIGNA’s IntraCorp subsidiary.
IntraCorp, the managed care subsidiary of insurance company CIGNA, was perhaps one of the first ‘managed care’ firms, and certainly was the first major work comp managed care company. In business for almost forty years, the company evolved from a field case management vendor to a supplier of bill review, networks, case management, physician peer review, and ancillary service to the work comp market.
While it is still one of the larger case management vendors, IntraCorp lost considerable business over the last decade as ESIS and other large clients moved their bill review business elsewhere, claims frequency declined (reducing the need for case management and UR), and competitors aggressively pursued IntraCorp’s core case management, UR, and peer review business.
Although several investors reportedly inquired about the possibility of buying IntraCorp from CIGNA, former CEO Ed Hanway reportedly refused to consider a sale. Hanway’s lack of interest may have been driven at least in part by IntraCorp’s contribution to CIGNA’s corporate overhead. While CIGNA could have sold the subsidiary any number of times, by doing so it would have to find some other entity to absorb overhead expenses on an ongoing basis, a move that would have led to changes in financial reporting and expense allocation.
Now that Hanway has retired, Cordani may revisit the question. With his stated desire to expand CIGNA internationally, the new CEO is going to have to find capital to fund that growth. While IntraCorp is no longer the preeminent company in the work comp managed care space it has a strong brand, good management, and a wealth of data that could be used for any number of purposes (picking good docs, identifying appropriate patterns of care based on diagnoses…).
That and the renewed interest on the part of private equity firms in the comp managed care business may be a confluence of factors that results in CIGNA revisiting the long-term role of IntraCorp.
What does this mean for you?
More change (possibly) in the what’s becoming an increasingly dynamic business equals more opportunity.

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  1. Check out the doings at Coventry WC..more layoffs, talented senior staff depart and the reorg looks like cookie cutter approach to just keeping the lights on..Thoughts Joe?

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