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Physicians charged with inappropriate dispensing

Five Maryland orthopedic surgeons may lose their medical licenses after being charged with “suspect” billing practices including overcharging the state’s work comp fund for medications dispensed by the docs.

The five are all members of Maryland Orthopedics P.A.

One physician, Raymond Drabkin MD allegedly administered pain injections and simultaneously prescribed – and dispensed – significant quantities of narcotics to patients.  One of Drabkin’s colleagues, Michael Franchetti MD, stands accused of the same type of inappropriate behavior, as do three other docs in the practice.

According to an article [sub req] in the Daily Record, “IWIF [Maryland state work comp fund] said an internal audit of prescription payments showed that from 2001 to 2006, the annual reimbursement fees for prescriptions at Maryland Orthopedics jumped nearly 1,700 percent, going from $12,489 to $212,170 over the 5-year period.”

IWIF’s complaint to the state resulted in charges brought against all five physicians.  While the current status of the case is not known, a hearing before an administrative law judge was scheduled for last month.

What does this mean for you?

There are things payers can do when confronted by poor medical care delivered by physicians who appear more interested in their financial health than their patients’ well being.

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