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How profitable is the physician dispensing business?

This profitable.

That’s Gerry Glass on the left and Paul Zimmerman on the right, co-CEOS of Automated Healthcare Solutions

The two bought the jet, which is registered under the name “Boys from Dover”, back in May of 2010.  Other pictures are here and here.

The jet is a 1988 Cessna Citation III; similar planes go for upwards of a million bucks these days; hard to say what the “Boys” paid for their’s.  Of course, you gotta figure maintenance, fuel, pilot, hangarage, insurance, upgrades…

Hangarage runs about $40,000 per year

Insurance about $30,000.

Pilot, co-pilot, and flight attendant about $425,000.

Landing fees and associated charges – $20,000.

Cleaning should be $6000 or so.

We’ll lump the other operating costs – fuel, maintenance, upkeep repair and replacement of parts – into Direct Operating Cost – which is about $2,370 per hour, or, figuring average usage, $948,000 per year.

Total cost per year?  Hey, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.  And after paying the inflated costs for physician dispensed drugs, you probably can’t.

But since you asked, it is just under $1.5 million per year.

On a possibly not-related topic, check your TIN data and see how many dollars have gone to Prescription Partners, affiliate of AHCS, which is also owned partially by the “Boys”.  

I know what you’re thinking…there are two “Boys”, so what if one wants to go to, say, Baltimore to appear at a hearing, and the other is headed out on vacation.  What’s to do? Well, no worries!  They’ll just flip a coin, and the loser takes the other plane -a Cessna 500.

Sure, it’s slower, and smaller, and can’t go as far, but hey! any private jet is better than flying commersh!


4 thoughts on “How profitable is the physician dispensing business?”

  1. Really? All that money they make and they could only afford a 22 year old jet? Wow. The economy is tough. However, the cost of that jet makes the price for our Florida Legislature a complete bargain. Heck, for an extra hundred thou some of our elected officials would probably hand wax the damn thing.

    I’m glad you aren’t targeting obstreperous websites and the exorbitant fees we charge. I’d hate to see a picture of me and my Hyundai Santa Fe splashed all over your site.

  2. Joe, can you please print this article out on a post card? Plane pic on the front and the text on the back and send it to all the FL politicians in office? That’d be great, thanks!

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