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Time’s running out; schedule your Obamacare RFID chip implant today!

After my post last week on some crappy journalists’ mis-characterization of an IRS memo as an admission by the Obama administration that family premiums would be $20,000 in 2016, I received an email from a reader about an even better story.

Seems the nut-o-sphere is rife with claims that anyone signing up for health insurance will be implanted with an RFID chip containing their medical and financial records.

I kid you not.

This is yet another complete mis-characterization by people looking for any reason – real or not – to find fault with PPACA.  (there are plenty of reasons without resorting to outright lies…)

This BS intentionally mis-reads the PPACA’s Medical Device Registry language – which is clearly intended to track medical devices to “facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data.” This language – which looks pretty simple and quite clear is mis-interpreted to imply that we all are going to get a chip implanted somewhere on our persons.

What does this mean for you?

Please do a bit of fact-checking before sending on emails…




28 thoughts on “Time’s running out; schedule your Obamacare RFID chip implant today!”

  1. Joe, once more the tin-hat crowd gets to put their paranoia out in the open for everyone to see.

    Before ACA, it was something else that made them think they were going to be implanted with a chip.

    The problem with these nuts is they accept liars as authorities, and authorities as liars.

    1. Yea their paronia about something made illegal in our Constitution hundreds of years ago and so paranoid that the Senate again passed legislation against it. Those darn paranoid Senators and Constitution writers! How dare they question your authority on the topic!

      1. Well considering the end of times is coming true. It says in the bible that everyone will hate christians and deny God. The paranoids are christians beacuse everything in the bible so far is coming true or has already. check the kjv and see for yourself. you hate that paranoids are saying what they believe and instead of getting the facts streight and learn both sides of the story yours and theirs and mine, your ego gets the best of you and if it doesn’t sound correct, you look at one website saying it’s false and deny it. or you don’t look at any at all and deny it. Maybe look up both sides. this is to Richard.

  2. What? No zombies? I’m somewhat disappointed in humanity. (sigh)

    But seriously, there are some odd scare tactics circulating that one needs only to check out on either or We need to revisit J school source verification techniques — if you can’t prove it, don’t print it. One source does not a story make.

    Oy. I’ve heard it all now. :)

    1. I know right they made the chips then they are going to try to make zombies. Now where did I put my gun? Lol

      1. Considering that if there were zombies, they would be blind considering their eyes would become raisins, they would be falling apart, slow, and fails. It wouldn’t last long, unless everyone is out smarted by a brain dead zombie then we are f@#$%

  3. I heard (actually not just heard but read on the “National Review’s” “Huffington Post” tribute section) that Joe Paduda is in fact a socialist, Nazi, fascist, communistic, capitalist, Keynesian, free-market, supply-sided, Reaganomic, Obamanomic, bipolar, schizophrenic, ADD/ADHD, hate-mongering compassionist. And frankly –from what I and that person who types their comments to Joe over a cup of morning coffee in their in their underwear know about Joe– that sounded about right to us … but what do we know.

  4. We have been studying a bit about the Satanic secret societies such as the Illuminati and Freemasonry, and they have been very clever in ‘forming’ our society in Satanic principles without us (the public) every noticing their changes. This is because the Illuminati is in control of all major world Governments and they don’t change any laws too fast that anyone can notice a big change happening, but they change it so little that we never mind it at all!

    This RFID chip and the drafted laws are just perfectly a Illuminati proceeding to get everyone implanted with the chip. It will just take some years to carefully shape up the rules to get to their result. David Icke calls it Problem-Reaction-Solution, to get to a desired RESULT you create a PROBLEM to which the public will REACT and the solution will be the RESULT you initially wanted. This is what’s happening in the America.

      1. Do a little research its all true abd very sad it used to be subliminal now it all hidden in plain sight but amazingly enough 60%of the citizens still think everything is peachy who can see chemtrails and forced inauculations with their head always in the tv,cell phone, or computer wake sheeple befor it too late Christ is the only way .

    1. You couldn’t say it any better Mark, just what I was thinking about all this. Mr. Paduda knows all that very well too!

  5. I agree 100% with Mark. The devil brings his will being totally casual about it. You slowly integrate your will until it becomes commonplace and people are deeply involved before even realizing it. I was never much on on conspiracy theory but why the need for a national registry? When I apply for a birth certificate am I not nationally registered? What about my social security number or drivers license? Aren’t these items registering my info within the nation? So why would it be necessary to get a chip implanted? It’s a part of a bigger plan to be under a one world govt and no, I don’t believe this is happening two days from now but it is definitely a plan that is under way. Associated with ths plan is the denial of Christ. So believe or don’t believe what you like but this whole agenda is nothing I would want to be a part of.

    1. Am here in Africa, and very worried on american people, this occult is being forced on them and this is complete satanism. All I can say is may God and Jehova find place in heaven for the souls who will be lost in that land. We can just comment but we have no power to change anything, period.

      1. i still believe and have faith in the people here in america. we still have the freedom of choice/speech. i just hope it stays that way long enough so that we the people can be heard.

  6. Mark, finalky I have found someone thinking with their head. This is what me and my husband have been saying all along and everyone I know thinks this is a joke. I have believed this whole time it was all started by freemasons trying to manipulate society. You couldnt have put it any better!

  7. Our Government can do what it wants, as much as The Lord allows, but as for me and my family, we will NOT take this evil Veri chip, and we will continue steadfast in Jesus!

  8. Hey am from nigeria,how does the rfid works,are we going going 2 get it in this part of the world?cos I want it implanted in me.

    1. Hi Harry from Nigeria. I beg you to please re think your last comment. You DO NOT WANT THE CHIP.


      1. @harry from nigeria- i agree with christine. educate yourself more about the chip before you make the decision.

        @christine – those that were misled and got the chip already i don’t agree that they’re not going to make it home in heaven. it’s not too late yet to recieve the love of God through the salvation that Jesus is freely giving us. them having the chip implanted in their body now would have to choose not to believe in Jesus and they will still live or believe in Jesus and they will lose their lives. But as Jesus said whoever lose their lives in My name will find it, and as Paul said, to lose is to gain.

  9. The problem is already being well established, its called identity theft. The solution is a chip with all your personal data to be implanted in you so know one to can steal your identity, coming soon!

  10. Let God decide for us either we should be implanted or not, not any man on planet earth. Thank you

    1. i totally agree and believe that god made us in his image for a reason. god believes in us just as much as we believe him if not more. Maybe having faith in ourselves to make the right decisions is what he wants from us.

    2. Only the true christans won’t take the symbol, the christans who deny this will be killed. I think it’s better off cause do you really want to be hear when the rapture starts?

  11. i just wish i was in US i will have love it n perharps what it wrong of having i chip in forehead ? it just for u to get proper care n feel protected wherever u are in this world , so my brothers n sisters lets us support it Obama all the way

  12. Yeah I’m researching the RFID chip right now as a possible option for tracking Tour de France athletes in the off-season. I must say that these idiots are causing Google to lose all value as a reliable source for anything.

  13. Don’t blame google because people fail at making websites, look it up on the news channels CNN, ABC, not FOX, and or history channel. these are usually more factual than a random website. Everyone also knows if its a .com then it’s probably not 100%. Bing sucks worse than google. so either way your screwed

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