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A very busy week – physician dispensing, WCRI, and the sequester

Here’s what’s up this week:

1. I’m at the Physician Dispensing Summit today in Boston hosted by PMSI and Progressive Solutions.  There are around a hundred attendees including regulators, payers, physicians,  researchers, retail pharmacy chains, and other stakeholders.

Among the sessions is the kickoff – Leigh Ann Pusey, CEO of the American Insurance Association – is doing the honors.  When the CEO of a group dealing with Dodd-Frank, the Terrorism Risk Insurance issue, flood insurance, and the sequester takes a day and a half to attend an event, you know the issue is vitally important.

Later on this morning CWCI’s Alex Swedlow will present the result of their research, which demonstrates the impact of physician dispensing on claim costs, outcomes, and disability duration. Tip – the research does NOT support dispensers’ claims that the practice improves outcomes…far from it.

2. WCRI’s annual meeting kicks off tomorrow – sure to be packed with timely info and research on cost drivers.  Nerd heaven…

3.  The sequester will affect workers comp – working on that post but no time to finish it before Friday (sorry!)

One thought on “A very busy week – physician dispensing, WCRI, and the sequester”

  1. I will be interested to hear what you have to say regarding the Physician Dispensing Summit in Boston. I tried to find information about this meeting as it may be a meeting my company should attend in the future. Do you have a link or email where I may find more information about upcoming meetings?

    thank you

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