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5 thoughts on “Marketing dispensing to physicians…”

  1. Joe, I read your blog every time it comes to my email – and today really hit home – remember Goofus and Gallant? Or, better yet, it almost looks like Beavis and Butthead although that was a little after my time – Highlights were the bomb when I was little – can’t believe they crammed all of that down our little throats.
    Thank you for your perserverence on one of my pet peeves (physician dispensing) – so much of it is out of my hands – I just remember to VOTE and WRITE to my legislators…

  2. Wow! It must work well for patients who can now skateboard (and obviously return to just about any job). I notice the doctor is happy, too!

    BTW, I just came back from the annual ACOEM conference where there were two repackagers in the exhibit hall, pitching their product to occupational doctors. The messages were the same: (1) convenience for the patient and (2) great payoff to the doctor.

  3. Hi Joe,
    I enjoy your tongue-in-cheek humor – almost as much as I despise physician dispensing of pharmaceuticals!

    Taking this a step further and thinking of some of the concerns I have about our employees receiving pharmaceuticals from their treating physician (in addition to the inflated cost) includes:
    1. Determining the patient’s entire pharmaceutical regimen to ensure there are no potential drug-to-drug interactions;
    2. Whether physicians perform a medication reconcilation to reduce the risk of medication errors and assist other care providers in the patient’s continuum of care.
    3. Counseling the patient on their medication therapy – especially when dispensing Opioids, Muscle Relaxants, etc.

    In states where there is no legislation or fee schedule guidance that would enable an employer to contain or limit the cost of physician dispensed drugs, what actions do you recommend taking? You know, other than hoping the state will pass legislation that limits this practice (as Florida just did). I would like to outright deny all physician dispensed drugs as we contract with a PBM to provide pharmaceutical benefits at a participating pharmacy. Wouldn’t I be able to deny the practice in the states where the employer is not prohibited from directing care to network providers?

    Thanks Joe!

  4. In the (Highlights) cartoon, can you find the wrench, the mouse, the RFID chip, the prescription…?

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