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The irony of Ted Cruz

In Cruz’ 21 hour infomercial he read Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham, ostensibly to his daughters.

Cruz would have been better served to learn Seuss’ lessons himself.

His fauxlibuster was ostensibly driven by his objection to health reform and desire to eliminate funding for PPACA. 

A.  that’s not going to happen.  and

B.  the author of Green Eggs and Ham was a major supporter of health research and reform

Cruz’ choice of Suess books heaps irony on irony; Green Eggs and Ham is about trying new things, being open-minded, embracing change.

And the real Dr Seuss, Ted Geisel, was not only an unabashed liberal, he and his wife were major supporters of health research and reform.  

Dartmouth College’s medical school – now named for the couple, is a leading force in understanding health care and developing both clinical and management solutions.

“The Audrey and Theodor Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth strives to improve the lives of the people it serves—students, patients, and local and global communities—and to live out the Dartmouth ethos that “the world’s troubles are your troubles.”

The School includes the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice and the first center to comprehensively examine variations in health care costs in U.S. medical practice (The Dartmouth Atlas).

Let’s hope Cruz’ daughters take a lesson from Suess, and not from dad.


2 thoughts on “The irony of Ted Cruz”

  1. Ha! You assume because Cruz has an Ivy League education that he’s smart enough to recognize irony? Or intelligent enough to understand any of Dr. Seuss’ writings? Please Joe, you give the guy waaaay too much credit.

  2. Joe, you forget that Cruz and the rest of the Tea Party nuts are from the faith-based world, not the fact-based world, so naturally Cruz is not familiar with the reality that Dartmouth named their school of medicine after him and his wife. And an ivy league education does not a scholar make. Case in point, “W”, and he got us into two wars that we are just coming out of.

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