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Friday’s (delayed) catch-up and fast facts

Apologies all – too much work last week and not enough time to get this out.

Here’s what I missed reporting last week.

WCRI’s annual meeting is starting Wednesday – there’s a ton on the agenda, attendance looks high, and I’ll be “live blogging” throughout.

There’s increasing evidence that health care cost trends have continued to moderate.  However, people – employees, individuals, moms and dads – are seeing higher cost-sharing and contributing more to their premiums.  Thus the “good news” is mainly “good” for policy wonks and not for real people.

On the Obamacare issue, a poll released Friday indicated 55 percent of the currently-uninsured respondents will get coverage rather than pay a fine. The same poll indicated the uninsuranace rate has decreased 1.2 points since the end of 2013.

Meanwhile, those zany, madcap House Republicans are at it again! Yes, they are trying to hold up O-care, this time by tying a fix to the Medicare physician reimbursement rate to delaying the mandate for a couple-or-ten years.  What will they think of next?

In the wild world of work comp, the big news last week was – there was only one private equity deal! Fairpay Solutions was sold by Riverside to Mitchell International in a transaction that sources indicated made the Riverside folks happy but not ecstatic.

That’s it for last week.  Gotta save up my pixels for the forthcoming blog-o-thon aka WCRI.



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