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HWR is up

As the March 31 “deadline” for enrollment in insurance approaches, the good folks at Health Affairs have put together the best health policy blog posts of the last two weeks and present them to you for your edification.

And managed to do this while keeping up on March Madness too – Christopher Fleming is one impressive guy…

In these days of less and less insight from the mass media, we’re fortunate indeed to have very smart – and very good writers – working for you – and for cheap, too!

One thought on “HWR is up”

  1. Wondering when I’ll get more recognition about what I am writing about. I appreciate your shout-out, but would really like to get more acknowledgement that I am a smart, well-educated, knowledgeable individual who has something important to say, and has a passion to change a system that is stuck in neutral.

    That’s the end of my soapbox for the day. You see I have learned something from you Joe after all. 🙂

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