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Friday catch-up

Here’s the quick summary on a couple happenings in work comp this week.

The big news comes from Liberty Mutual, where long time Medical Director David Deitz will be retiring, and Frank Radack has been named VP of managed care.

David is one of the true stars in this business, and this will be a big change for Liberty.  Word is one of his regional medical directors will assume the leadership role on an acting basis; more to come on that to be sure.  Dr Deitz has a wealth of experience; he has developed and implemented evidence-based guidelines, is an extremely knowledgeable analyst, a very effective communicator to clients, prospects, and regulators alike, understands the US health care delivery system like few others, and knows work comp.  I am fortunate indeed to count him as a friend, and hope we get to work together again.

Frank is a very experienced business guy with a strong history at Liberty; he ran Liberty’s bill review operation years ago before taking over their reporting/RMIS function some years back.  His depth of knowledge about what customers want to know and what is important to them will undoubtedly help Liberty focus their managed care efforts.

Friend and colleague Todd Brown informed me (and others) that Maryland is looking for input from self-insured employers and groups on prescription drug costs.  Their survey is here.  Given the physician dispensers’s BS claims about lower costs and better outcomes associated with their nefarious practices, it would behoove any and all self-insured employers to respond to the Survey.  Like, NOW.

2 thoughts on “Friday catch-up”

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Maryland survey. I just sent it out to my contacts there to give them a nudge.

  2. This is not fodder for your site, but did you know that Block Island is in the market for a new resident physician? Fulltime job, housing provided.
    I thought that with your extensive contacts in the health care world, you might know of candidates, or links to same. Knowing the island, you can see the qualifications needed. Block Island can be a challenging but satisfying career move for a doctor, being the go-to person for an island with summer tourists (road rash and moped accidents) and year-round residents (ranging from aged retirees to 100 school age kids). Back up includes resident RN’s and an EMT corps, with planes and helicopters to get serious trauma cases to the mainland.

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