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Comp conference day 1

The first day is more ease-into-it than jump-in-with-both-feet. For we East Coasters that’s a good thing as we can’t keep up with the late night events after waking at 3:30…

One noteworthy item and a couple observations from Tuesday.

The Coventry bill review RFI is out and rumor has it – it is Bill Review only. As in no other services needed. And lots and lots and lots of requirements. And the info required in a response is voluminous.

There is a rather limited pool of potential respondents; as in fewer than five. The business potential, while large, is shrinking. With the loss of AIG and pending loss of Liberty any successful bidder is going to have to staunch the bleeding.

Or more accurately, hope Coventry does.


As noted last year, what happens in Vegas gets posted to youtube. On an elevator departing a social event last night several men were commenting loudly and often in vulgar terms on the physical attributes of a woman. Who was also on the elevator.

I’m looking forward to meeting these boys on the exhibit floor. And their boss. I hope she’s a woman.


No one cares about your product or service. They care about their needs, which you don’t and can’t know unless you ask questions, shut up and listen.

Much more going on, but alas I heard “this is off the record” all too often yesterday.





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