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It’s another done deal in work comp services…

Another deal is official; One Call Care Management has announced its acquisition of MedFocus.  This had been rumored for some weeks, OCCM has been notifying their clients it is now official.  This knocks out another potential imagining vendor, further consolidating One Call’s stranglehold on the market.

MedFocus has about $50 million in revenue, reportedly divided equally between work comp and non-occ payers.

Let’s talk for just a minute about this.

OneCall historically has had a dominant position in this sector, built on great customer service and a relentless focus on “leakage”. The last involved many processes including getting their payer customers to provide OneCall with data about ALL imaging billing, data OneCall used to recruit new centers, identify gaps in coverage, and work with payers to get their field folks to direct claimants to use OneCall’s scheduling process (and thereby capture the bill).

The number of competitors has dropped over the years; truth be told OneCall’s imaging business really hasn’t had a competitor worthy of the name for over a decade.    There’s also Spreemo, but it is pretty small as well, and a couple others that are owned by payers or are relatively small product lines for bigger managed care businesses.  MedRisk, a consulting client, owns a very small imaging company too.

OneCall is unique in the work comp services business in that it is by far the dominant player; in no other sector does one vendor have even half of the market, a position OneCall surpassed a loooong time ago.  They’ve gotten there by doing, by most accounts, a very good job historically.

Continuing to deliver will be key to continued dominance.

What does this mean for you?

Depends…do you like choice?

One thought on “It’s another done deal in work comp services…”

  1. What about NextImage? I noticed that you didn’t mention them in your article. NextImage has been doing nationwide diagnostic imaging for more than 5 years now.

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