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Happy and Merry

It’s been a very, very eventful year.  And 2016 may well be even busier. Before I sign off for 2015, a few wishes for the new year.

Donald Trump oozes back under the rock he crawled out from, aka reality TV. Trump’s puerile comments about bodily fluids and his own “greatness” have dominated what passes for serious political debate in this country.  Let’s have a smart, informed, fact-based and objective debate about the role of government, foreign policy, tax policy, the future of health care reform, immigration and voting rights. (yes, I still believe in Santa)

Winter comes to upstate NY.  Tomorrow’s temperatures here will hit 70 degrees.  No snow yet this winter.  The warmest year on record, capped by the warmest December on record.  Seeing a pattern here…

America doubles down on tolerance, understanding, and compassion. And rejects ideas, policies, plans, and laws based on ignorance, racism, and a desperate attempt to marginalize anyone who doesn’t look or worship the way “we” do.


Here’s hoping you and yours get to enjoy the last week of the year – and it is happy and merry indeed!

12 thoughts on “Happy and Merry”

  1. It’s been a year of great information, thanks to you, Joe. I appreciate your on-target and factual comments – keep them coming!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016!!
    Diana Ras

  2. Merry Christmas Joe and many warm wishes for a Healthy and Prosperous 2016! May your wishes for the new year do indeed come to pass for the sake of us all.

  3. <<>>

    You have tapped into the genetic makeup of the real America, one that enslaved people based on skin color for the purpose of making profit on cash crops, decimated the original inhabitants of the continent (the landlords), and relegated all those not like them to the bottom of society’s food chain.

    This is what happens when businessmen and their friends in politics decides that the jobs of average Americans are disposable, and none are brought back, so they fear for the future and become anxious about the direction of the country.

  4. Merry Christmas, Joe – thank you for another fine year of reporting and commentary on our industry!

    Looking forward to an outstanding year in 2016,

  5. Joe
    Merry Christmas to you and the family… But can’t say I am disappointed by our winter this far!

  6. The last two years were very cold with lots of snow on the ground.Temps in the Midwest were predicted to be in the 60’s today and tomorrow, but they are 20 degrees colder.

    Trump has appeal because the people are sick and tired of being lied to, and the perception is he is a straight-shooter. Whether he is or not isn’t the point, he is simply tapping into something that obviously has broad appeal.

    Obama and Biden came out with their “Holiday play list” today. Obama’s was a mix of secular and religious, Biden, the “Catholic,” has only one religious song. Both lists appear to me to be manipulated – not what both men actually enjoy, but what someone on their staff thinks should be on their respective lists.

    This is the problem – people don’t like to be manipulated.

    1. Randy – thanks for the comment.

      re Trump’s “appeal”; he’s the favorite of 39% of GOP voters. The most exhaustive study indicates 23% of voters identify as Republicans. So, we’re talking about 10% of all voters.

      I’d suggest that the people you refer to are a pretty small minority of the electorate.

      If people are tired of being lied to, they certainly should not support Trump. He’s lied more than any other candidate according to fact checkers.

  7. Joe, thank you for the valuable information and analysis you share throughout the year. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and health, peace, and success through the holidays and into the new year, Marc

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