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Congressional Republicans win; ACA repeal is NOT going to happen.

It’s official – Republicans’ efforts to repeal and replace ACA are done.



And boy are they relieved!

I don’t know why anyone is surprised by this.  Only in the world of fantasy that exists inside the Washington Beltway would one think that changing legislation to appease far-right Freedom Caucus types wouldn’t cost votes from somewhat-more-moderate Republicans.

The latest defection is a big one – Fred Upton of Michigan said “I cannot support the bill with this provision (eliminating protection for individuals and small groups with pre-ex medical conditions) in it…”

What’s truly bizarre is this happened about the same time that Speaker Ryan was telling reporters “There are a few layers of protections for pre-existing conditions in this bill,”

Leaving aside the fact that the Speaker is wrong, think about the political implications for Republicans if they passed this legislation.  Their core voters in many states would find health insurance unaffordable, if available at all.

This isn’t liberal blather, it’s reality.  The best thing that can happen to Congressional Republicans is this bill isn’t going to pass.

And that’s before one contemplates the fate of the proposed bill in the Senate; if the House passes the AHCA repeal bill, their members will be hanging way out on a political limb as there’s no way the bill would ever get thru the Senate.

What does this mean for you?

Ignore the pundits.  AHCA is deader than this guy…

3 thoughts on “Congressional Republicans win; ACA repeal is NOT going to happen.”

  1. Thinking of getting a new crystal ball?
    I know one couple that benefited greatly from ACA, and 8 that effectively have no insurance due to impossible deductibles. In which, “outside the beltway” universe is that a good thing?
    What is wrong with freedom?

    1. Hello John – welcome to MCM.
      The crystal ball is working just fine thanks. You will note I stated the current bill will never pass the Senate – which it won’t.
      I’m curious as to why you blame ACA for high deductibles. Insurance companies and providers and consumers determine medical costs, not ACA. Deductibles were increasing every year before ACA.
      Lastly, there’s nothing wrong with freedom. But there’s something very wrong with yanking health insurance coverage from 24 million Americans any lying about it.

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