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Medicaid’s really important – even/especially to you.

Welcome back to MCM; I took a few days off posting to hit the campaign trail, where I heard a LOT of concern about possible changes to Medicaid.
Most of us probably don’t think much about Medicaid. Here’s why we should.
First, Medicaid covers the poor elderly, those who are totally disabled, and depending on the state, poor kids and families.
Second, many are really sick people or frail elderly with no other way to get healthcare.


Medicaid reimbursement is generally low compared to private insurance or Medicare, but that doesn’t mean access is severely limited. In fact, (about 70% of physicians do accept new Medicaid patients versus about 85% who accept new privately insured and Medicare patients) (ESI is employer insurance)

3 thoughts on “Medicaid’s really important – even/especially to you.”

  1. Good article. If Medicaid funding is gutted the cost shifting to Workers Comp will be significant. There have always been a percentage of chronic claims where the the Injured Worker goes on MediCal during the penedency, but the number of injured workers who are part of the new generation of working poor that are on the benefit at the time of injury is growing steadily.
    Being from Chicago originally, I believe in the maxim of vote early and vote often. I’ll be visiting the Adiorndacks in August and perhaps I will have to swing by to register myself and few dead relatives. Just kidding, of course…..

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