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What do YOU think about work comp UR?

HSA is conducting the second Survey of UR in workers’ comp – and we need your input – and will reward you for it. Click here to take the Survey.

Six years ago we completed the first survey of UR and UM in workers’ comp. Back then, the big findings included:

  • Most payers’ primary UR was done by in-house staff
  • Vast majority of respondents used UR to control medical costs and ensure appropriate medical treatment
  • Executives surveyed were more concerned with implementing states’ UM/UR guidelines, while desk-level folks were more worried about states’ poor enforcement of those guidelines
  • And while most execs thought UR was connected to bill review, most desk-level folks believed otherwise

We are well into a new Survey; preliminary findings from executive level respondents indicate:

  • No company is recognized as the leader in providing UR services
  • Today, management is more aware that UR is not connected to bill review – and surprisingly, it still isn’t
  • There’s a lot of interest in – but many different definitions of – automating UR and technology improvements.

We are also surveying front-line folks to get your input.

The survey takes less than 9 minutes, and one respondent drawn at random will get a new 11 inch iPad Pro – or comparable Microsoft Surface.

The first ten respondents who complete the survey after this post goes live will each get a $15 Amazon gift card. 

All respondents get a copy of the Survey report too.

Click here to take the survey.

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