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If other services were like healthcare…

There’s this ongoing debate/discussion about healthcare as an economic good.  Fact is, unlike flat panel TVs or cars, healthcare is quite different for a whole bunch of reasons;;

  • we often don’t know what services we need,
  • even experts are often unable to make informed decisions,
  • we don’t know what the cost will be, and
  • even if we’re given an estimate up front, that’s just an estimate,
  • once you’ve paid your out-of-pocket maximum you don’t care about cost, and
  • in many circumstances the emotion involved makes rational decision making impossible

To further explain how healthcare is different, I offer Sarah Mirk’s take on what would happen if other services were like healthcare…

How the health insurance marketplace works – School!

How emergency healthcare works – Fire departments!

More of Sarah’s work – and a lot of other cool stuff – is at The Nib.

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