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Friday funday

It’s been a not-fun week – but far better here in rural America than a lot of other places…Here’s a few of the better memes I came across.

Science marches on!

For those who remember old movies…and why our kids are VERY thankful they are out of the house…

Here in upstate New York, barber shops and salons are open (Yay!) but getting an appointment is impossible (NOOO!)

My vote for best use of humor in a pandemic goes to…

This is just a bit too close to home…

Trekkies have weighed in…

EVERYONE is figuring out how to make their stuff relevant in these troubled times…

You can always rely on SNL to make the most of adversity…love in a time of COVID.

What does this mean for you?

There is life after pandemics – for some of us…



5 thoughts on “Friday funday”

  1. Good stuff for a Friday Joe. Looks like the Orange Potato may have gotten it right!

    1. Hello Tom – thanks for the kind words – glad it was entertaining. Here’s hoping the economy is on the rebound although the disclaimers in DOL’s report aren’t getting near enough attention…
      NYT – The Labor Department cautioned that data-collection issues that have plagued the agency throughout the crisis continued last month. Some temporarily jobless workers were characterized as “employed” in May; had they been counted correctly, the department said, the unemployment rate would have topped 16 percent.

  2. Haha – I like the Trekkie one the best. I just watched Back To The Future 2 last week and there is a scene where Jennifer is in the future and here is “no doorknob”. The year is 2015 : )

    Happy Friday, Sir.


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