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It’s not about you.

Highly credible data shows today’s infection rate among the unvaccinated is as high as it was back in January.

Remember January?

Shutdown restaurants. Remote “learning”. No family gatherings. No high school sports. No fans at professional sports. No concerts or weddings or parties or fun.

80,000 of our friends, parents, grandparents, colleagues, and loved ones died of COVID in January.

If you aren’t vaccinated, don’t think you’re safe.  You are not. Your chance of getting COVID is the same as it was back in January.

But that’s not the worst of it.  Research shows the variants are more infectious, and in some states this is driving a hospitalization rate double what it was in January.

What does this mean for you>

Unless you don’t care about leaving family, friends, kids, parents, and loved ones with nothing but memories of you, get vaccinated. 

12 thoughts on “It’s not about you.”

  1. 100% agree. the sooner we get everyone vaccinated, the faster we get back to our normal lives.

    1. Bobby – thanks for the note – hope you and your loved ones are well.


  2. Totally not true. Stop publishing false information. You’ve become hard to read because your thoughts and what you write is inherently biased to the left. Stop allowing your agenda to dictate your blog.

    1. This is the email I sent to TJ…if I hear back I’ll certainly post her/his response.

      Hello TJ – thanks for your comment.

      If you could provide credible sources, data, research or other documentation that supports your assertion that this is “totally not true” and “false information” I’d be happy to publish it and issue a retraction.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      be well – Joe

      1. Hello all – didn’t hear back from TJ.

        Not surprised; her/his assertions have no basis in fact, there is no credible research to support those assertions, and s/he is “inherently biased” against truth.

        It is not possible to have a reasonable conversation with the TJs of the world – and lord knows we’ve all tried.

        Be well – Joe

  3. One of the biggest challenges we are facing now is the uninformed or misinformed and hesitant population. We are doing all we can to reach communities and re-educate. A population health approach is needed to reach the vaccine hesitant.

    Some good videos are available here for clinicians on reaching the hesitant populations:

    1. Thanks for the note and sources Denise – much appreciate it.

      Understand there is growing concern on the part of employees of key industries that unvaccinated, unmasked customers place those employees at greater risk of contracting COVID.

      be well – Joe

  4. Hi Joe, I hope all is well! Most do not consider that if you have had Covid (I did) or have the T-Cell antibodies, a vaccine may not be good medicine. Can you supply the research that the variants are more infectious? Thanks! Darrell

    1. Hello Darrell – all is indeed grand thanks.

      re research on variant transmissibility/infection rates, here’s a useful compendia of the various variants with links to underlying research.

      Here is data re the UK variant.

      A Google search reveals dozens of other sources.

      Re COVID survivors and vaccinations, what is your source for a concern that “a vaccine may not be good medicine”? I don’t know what that statement means. If by that you mean lower risk of disease, than all the credible research I’ve seen indicates survivors may only need one shot – but definitely should get vaccinated. See and Again, a google search provides many more sources.

      be well – Joe

  5. Thanks for the link Joe. From what I have heard and read on the variants, the vaccine or prior t-cell anti-bodies from Covid-19 or other Coronavirus will protect most people. To your point they may need a boost with the vaccine and there should be testing to know. That is what some leading health authorities have suggested. I’m for sure not an Anti-Vaxer. I’ve received all kinds of well studied vaccines throughout my life. However one has to always consider the risk benefit ratio. For younger people there is evidence that the side effects can be significant. There are other publications and reporting (VAERS) out there such as this Considering I have the T-cells, the risk with the vaccine and the fact that the vaccines and mRNA treatments were not well studied long-term (they didn’t test enough high risk/older people for example) it doesn’t make sense for me. I do believe the vaccine makes sense for some people. Some in the public are skeptical because unfortunately our health authorities have not had a good track record over the last 16 months (origin of the virus, the science on masks and lockdowns, risk of the virus etc.). I don’t blame people for being skeptical. It’s incumbent upon our leaders to give the public the truth. As evident from the Fauci email dump this week, this last 16 months has been a failure in that regard. I am always of the belief that the best medicine is the targeted assessment and intervention so that we have the right treatment for the right person at the right time. A vaccine for all is not that approach. Best Regards

    1. Darrell – thanks for your response; it would have been helpful if you had provided more sources. I know we are all busy, but it is only fair when you ask me for sources that you provide them as well…a 14 month-old TV story isn’t sufficient.

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like your vaccine skepticism is founded in science. You cite “publications and VAERS” as sources for your concerns. Let’s talk VAERS, the vaccine reporting service run by the CDC and FDA. VAERS accepts reports of any adverse event regardless of proof that it was caused by the vaccine.

      First, research clearly indicates even those previously infected with COVID benefit from the vaccine. That’s not based on “what I have heard and read” but on the research.

      VAERS received 4,178 reports of deaths (0.0017% of all who received the vaccine) between Dec. 14, 2020 and May 3, 2021. Remember over 165 million of us have had at least one shot.

      1. VAERS reports show deaths of ANY CAUSE – could be drunk driving, hang gliding, heart attack, cancer, whatever.

      Even if ALL 4,178 deaths were “caused” by a vaccine – and there is ZERO evidence that’s the case – . Reality is your chance of dying from a COVID vaccine is far less than getting struck by lightning.

      Compare that to your chance of dying from COVID – I ran the numbers here for a 55 year old white man from zip code 92111 with no pre-ex. The risk is .07 percent.

      That is, you are 40 times MORE LIKELY TO DIE OF COVID than from an “adverse event” after you get a Covid vaccine.

      That is your risk:benefit ratio.

      As to our leaders, it is indeed incumbent on them to give the facts – not to

      – promote drugs for which there is no evidence – you and I have discussed hydroxychloroquine,
      – talk about things returning to normal by Easter or after it gets warm,
      – say physical distancing and masks somehow “infringe on our freedoms”,

      and all the other nonsense that came out of the White House last year.

      If you don’t want a booster for whatever reason, that’s your decision. Science always wins.

      be well – Joe

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