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Prepping for the National Comp Conference

Looking forward to next week’s National Comp Conference, sort of old home week for the WC industry.

A few sessions caught my eye…

Ceil Jung and Sylvia Sacalis will be discussing infectious diseases in the workplace Wednesday at 11 am local time.

Erica Fichter, Teresa Williams, and Dawn Soleta will dive into protecting employee mental health and well-being. This is one of those sessions we all wish we’d had before things got so…weird.  2:30 Wednesday is the time slot,

which unfortunately is the same time John Hanna, former Pharmacy Director at Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and I will be digging into the details of PBM program leakage. Join us Wednesday at 2:30.

Legendary pharmacy expert Phil Walls RPh and the very knowledgeable Adam Seidner MD are going to unpack issues related to the use of antidepressants Thursday at 10:45. Kudos to the duo for encouraging non-medication approaches to helping workers recover their mental health.

A note of appreciation to the conference planners – this year there is a lot of focus on mental health and related matters, a topic that has long been neglected.

One session that grabbed my attention is focusing on the cost and impact of mental health issues for both disability and workers’ comp. Michael Lacroix, the Hartford’s Medical Director and Pamela Bloom-Pugliese are the speakers – alas this is also scheduled for 10:45 on Thursday…

Cliff Belliveau is brilliant – his Thursday afternoon session will offer a brief guide to interpreting data to help you understand the importance of clinical interventions, drivers and solutions to specific pharmacy issues.

Make sure to stick around for Stuart Colburn and Mark Pew’s session focusing on defusing distrust Thursday at 4:45. With trust comes rapid progress…Stuart is also leading a 60 tips in 60 minutes session Friday am – also focused on mental health related issues.

Travel smart and safe, don’t shake hands, and let’s all learn a lot and care for each other.


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