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I’m thankful for

The many, many good friends I’ve made over 30+ years in this business…people I would not have met if I hadn’t somehow stumbled into and stayed/got stuck here.

The passion many have to do the right thing and the privilege it has been and is to work with companies and organizations with that central objective.

Readers who challenge, confront, correct, applaud, cheer, and debate and have been doing so for 17 (!) years.

The mistakes I’ve made over the last few decades, for what they have taught me about hubris, assumptions, lack of diligence, and the power of experience.

My family – Deb, the most positive, joyful person on the planet who’s somehow tolerated me for 34 years; Erin who’s become an amazing mom, fierce advocate for her patients, and incredibly strong person; Molly whose intensity in competition is matched only by her love for and dedication to family; and Cal who has persevered in the face of overwhelming difficulties, always pushing through and never giving in.

A lot about our world is less than great these days, so it’s more important than ever to keep the good front and center.

Be well.



20 thoughts on “I’m thankful for”

  1. I, for one, am grateful for your consistent encouragement for us to be better on a personal and professional level. Keep up the great work, Joe.

  2. I’m thankful for you Joe. We disagree on politics but we are wholeheartedly in agreement on how we should treat each other and our fellow man. Life is bittersweet. The hardships in life are sure they come and go. Each sunrise also comes and greets us. What we do today for others is how we will be remembered. Thank you for your passionate advocating for those things you hold dear.

  3. Joe, as always very well said. A timely and poignant reminder for us all about what truly matters in life. Many thanks for the cue to push the reset button on the “Important Things” . Best Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours.

    1. Thanks very much John – you know better than most what is really important – and you honor that with everything you do.

      be well


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