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You have to go

to comp laude.

It’s unlike any other work comp conference – it is focused on what people and organizations are doing right, the right way – and the impact that has on the people we serve – injured workers.

There are some pretty emotional moments…injured workers sharing their stories about horrific accidents and their months if not years of recovery. One came from Brance Tully, a young man of eighteen who fell through a skylight two years ago – when he was 16.

After dozens of surgeries, untold hours of therapy and what could have only been an incredibly painful and seemingly-interminable journey, he is back at work. He called his adjuster the day he returned to be met with incredulity – justifiably so.

That was just one. Injured workers recovered from shootings, fires, vehicle accidents, falls and all manner of accidents.

There are several other reasons to attend:

  • plenty of time to connect and network
  • solid attendee list with folks from large employers, payers, and other buyers
  • terrific location – the Pasea Hotel is pretty nice.

Kudos to Yvonne Guibert – a dear friend and colleague, and the best marketer in workers comp – for making this happen. Shout out to GB and Greg McKenna – his engagement with the “stories” folks are remarkable.

8 thoughts on “You have to go”

  1. This conference is always amazing. The sessions are informative, the participants are relevant, and the IWs are a true testament to strength and endurance.

  2. Thank you for your support and participation, Joe! So great to see you at this year’s event!

  3. Joe – as always, you are too kind. I have always enjoyed your support and our friendship, it’s a real treat when I get to work with you, and it was my great pleasure to hand you a Comp Laude® Award this year. So well deserved.

    1. Yvonne – as the one behind Comp Laude, you deserve far more credit than you have yet received.

      And I’m not “kind”…I’m honest!

      be well Joe

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