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LWCC’s got it going on

I was fortunate indeed to attend Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation’s annual provider meeting last week. Well attended, learned a lot, really enjoyed the people and the weather was really nice too.

I was blown away by their office building.

It was gorgeous…open, airy, beautifully appointed, welcoming, spacious, high ceilings and a terrific learning center and gym…it can only be wonderful to work in and it was a delight to experience.

But what really impresses me about LWCC is their people and culture – open and constantly learning, humble and very focused on doing the right thing. Unlike many other workers comp carriers, LWCC is about as far from arrogantly self-satisfied as it could be. I’ve seen way too many payers suffer from the “if it wasn’t invented here it didn’t need to be invented” syndrome, secure in the incontrovertible truth that they alone are the BEST.

They of course won’t listen or read this…why waste the time when you’re entirely sure you can’t learn anything from anyone? Especially not a single state carrier in a not-big state solely focused on a single line…

They might learn…if their customers take them down a notch or several, challenge them to compare their processes and outcomes using objective criteria, call them out on their arrogance.

It is clear that senior management really cares about LWCC’s people and are totally committed to doing the right thing. They listen hard and carefully, and respond to what they hear. And it shows; the passion and commitment to doing the right thing by every injured worker and every policyholder was front-and-center, evident in every LWCC person there.

They invest in marketing – which is really, really good. A cogent, really well-designed branding strategy designed to link LWCC to its home state, fresh and engaging graphics, a commitment to telling their stories, a leader who really understands marketing – which is NOT proposal writing, powerpoint editing, or letter writing. It is branding, content, design, strategy, pricing, research, community relations and more.

I don’t know of any other workers’ comp entity that does it as well.

What does this mean for you?

Most of the biggest payers in workers comp can learn a LOT from LWCC. 


2 thoughts on “LWCC’s got it going on”

  1. Joe, it was a pleasure seeing you last week in Baton Rouge. You’re spot on with your comments on LWCC’s people, culture and commitment to their customers and Louisiana. Their learning spirit and passion always makes me leave their presence smarter, humbler and energized. Kudos to LWCC!

    1. Thanks for the note Marcos – great to see you and thanks for making time to share your views on delayed recovery at LWCC’s conference.

      be well Joe

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