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Quick hits….

Healthcare costs for the average family of four topped $31,000 in 2023.

That’s the latest from Milliman.

Think about that – what percentage of your annual income is $31,000?

a third?

a quarter?

a fifth?

to calculate your total costs, click here.

Climate change’s impact on worker health and workers’ comp is getting more attention every day.

It is now hitting the C-Suite…

This morning, Harvard Business Review called out increasing focus by business execs around wildfires:

we are seeing a rapid rise in employer inquiries related to employee health and the best practices around air quality concerns.

The piece has excellent recommendations.

Word to the wise – whether you are an insurer, TPA, risk manager or captive manager, regardless of your view on human-caused global warming, when the C-Suite comes calling you’d best have a plan. 

Even better, you’d best have implemented it.

good news…

339,000  – that’s May’s increase in employment. That is spot on the average monthly increase for the last 12 months…

over the last year over 4 million jobs have been created. 

That, dear reader, is just terrific.

More than 1.35 million Americans have been kicked off Medicaid to date…and that’s without totals from Texas and several other states yet to report.

This will:



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