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Work comp and workplace mass shootings

Sorry to end the week on a bad note – kudos to Texas’ Department of Workers’ Comp for highlighting workplace mass shootings in their just-concluded annual conference. The presentation is here.

The Lone Star state is all too familiar with these awful events [subscription required]…the most recent saw 23 killed and 22 others injured when a racist gunman opened fire in a Walmart store in El Paso.

It isn’t just Texas; we’ve had more than one mass shooting every day during the first three months of this year, with more than 600 victims.

California’s State Fund insured the Borderline Bar & Grill back in 2018; the State Fund’s handling of the awful situation provides a blueprint for all insurers…you would be well-advised to study up on that.

Compassion, creative engagement, empathy and doing the right thing no matter what were the basis of the State Fund’s response.

Until some measure of sanity emerges from Congress, the work comp industry will have to rely on improving the way it handles these disasters.

What does this mean for you?

Once again, work comp is left to handle society’s failings.

2 thoughts on “Work comp and workplace mass shootings”

  1. Joe,
    Excellent information. Sad that it is useful and needed in a “first world country” like ours. Wish there was a solution that could be implemented, Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks John – Unfortunately this has become deeply politicized – along with other public health issues. Facts don’t matter, emotions rule, and the bloodbath continues.

      be well Joe

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