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Things you may have missed…

The recession…or lack thereof.

News this morning that our economy grew at 2.4%…further encouraging news as it appears we are heading for a soft landing (ie very limited or no recession).

Also, personal income growth grew nicely at 2.5%…

From NYT:

“If you’re looking for a working definition of ‘resilient,’ look no further than the American economy,” said Joseph Brusuelas, chief economist at RSM. “This is absolutely rock-solid.”

Good info on the impact of the soft landing from HBR here.

What does this mean?

A good economy = more good-paying jobs and better lives for many.

From the desk of GB’s Dr Gary Anderberg comes an excellent summary of global warming’s impact on specific jobs.  Gary is excerpting from a KFF research report published in January

“highlights” include:

  • We estimate there are over 65 million nonelderly adult workers in occupations at increased risk for climate-related health risks, accounting for over four in ten of nonelderly workers.
  • Among nonelderly adult workers, many people of color, noncitizen immigrants, and workers with lower educational attainment and income levels are disproportionately likely to be employed in jobs with increased climate-related risks.
  • Nonelderly workers in at-risk occupations are about twice as likely as their counterparts in less at-risk occupations to lack health insurance (16% vs. 7%)

And the temps just keep on rising...this summer will break all records for heat, deaths from heat, heat-related injuries…

and it’s only going to get worse.

What does this mean?

This global warming thing has real consequences – as in higher occupational injuries and illnesses.

Last – and most awful, “the greatest country in the world” – at least when comparing American kids dying by gunshot to other industrialized nations

from KFF

What does this mean for you?

More of us know of more families devastated by gun violence. 

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