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Leaving Las Vegas

Quick takeaways from National Work Comp…

Don’t know what total attendance was, but seemed somewhat less than in pre-COVID years. Exhibit hall corridors were pretty empty despite sessions located around the exhibits.

Newest thing du jour – AI...sessions on AI, vendors promoting various applications, attendees mentioning AI in conversations about claims, data interpretation, claim intake, you name it.

Nurse triage – just…stop. Far too many are touting nurse triage – almost all without a clue as to what exactly this is, why they want to do it, what a “nurse” is, and how this will improve things. More on this in a future post, but for now:

  • define nurse – do you need an RN? APRN? LPN? nursing assistant?
  • what expertise/training/experience does this “nurse” need? orthopedics? emergency medicine? trauma? behavioral health?
  • okay, so a new RN is on the phone with a person…exactly what value does this add? Be specific.
  • more to come.

Events – by all reports myMatrixx’ get together was really well attended...I didn’t get to any others as they were past my east-coast bedtime. I do miss the myMatrixx transportation services from years past :( (mM is a consulting client)

There was a beach party outside my window that prevented a lot of us form getting to sleep before 11. Mandalay Bay staff was far less than helpful, told me this was on me as I should have checked the event calendar before booking my room (WTF!) and offered to send housekeeping up with a couple earplugs…I will NEVER stay there again.

Optum’s dog party was a big hit – great idea, really smart marketing, and good buzz generator.

Provocative session addressed anxiety, suicide and depression – more on that later. Sobering and much needed. Really respect the speakers for sharing their views and personal experiences. Yvonne Guibert – you are an inspiration.  

Booth staff – STOP pitching your stuff. JUST STOP. Until you have a decent sense for what the person in front of you needs, wants, is challenged by, don’t say anything other than a one-sentence line about the service/product your company delivers. 

have an excellent weekend.

6 thoughts on “Leaving Las Vegas”

  1. Yvonne IS an inspiration! Thank you for the takeaways, Joe. I was disappointed to have missed it this year.

  2. It was wonderful to chat with you and Vonessa. Hope you have wonderful holidays and looking forward to your newsletter(s) regarding the nurse triage product.

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