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Good news Friday…

Well, in an effort to counter the stupidity that has infected some in Washington, I’ll do my best to find glimmers of good news to start your weekend.


Ukraine is making solid if not spectacular progress in its offensive…and the news that we are sending very capable missiles may help our allies speed things up. The missiles – known as ATACMS – are very elusive and pack a big punch. These are NOT the long range ATACMS…at least not yet.

Grain, shipping, and avoiding world hunger

Resilient Africa headed south to deliver grain

Most notably, Ukraine has figured out how to win the war at sea – without having any ships. This has enabled Ukraine to ship grain to Africa and other places , a huge help for people at high risk of starvation. Seven ships have passed through Ukraine’s “grain corridor” despite Russian threats to sink any and all ships.

Aging…or not.

Big medicine is spending gazillions on research to help us live longer. While that’s kind of a good thing, reality is most of what kills (excluding firearms, traffic accidents, and drugs) us is due to:

  • not enough exercise
  • not enough sleep
  • too much food
  • too much alcohol

So, the “good news” is if you commit to exercising (cardio and strength), sleep, a healthy diet and one drink per day, you won’t need to buy whatever Big Medicine is selling.

And you can use those dollars to buy books, go to concerts, visit your grandkids, and donate to worthy charities!

Lastly, Crime.

News from the FBI that its efforts to combat violent crime is yielding dividends.  From the FBI…The FBI, alongside its state and local law enforcement partners, executed over 4,000 arrests, over 2,500 drug seizures, over 1,600 weapons seized, and the dismantlement of over 50 violent organizations.

remember that when some knucklehead politician says he’s going to eliminate the FBI..

(note three family members worked for the FBI (two were special agents), one died in the line of service, so, yeah, I’m “biased”)



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