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COVID vaccines’ impact on newborns

If pregnant moms are vaccinated their babies were less likely to die, get very sick, or end up in the NICU (neonatal ICU) than unvaccinated mom’s babies…

That’s the findings from a very large Canadian study just published.

But wait…there’s more!

during their first 6 months (longer durations were not part of this initial study) babies from vaccinated moms were much less likely to get COVID than babies from unvaccinated mothers.

And, there was NO evidence that babies may have been adversely affected by the vaccinequoting one of the researchers:

The study “provides further reassurance on the safety of maternal mRNA COVID-19 vaccination during all trimesters of pregnancy for newborns and infants,”

Details on the study are here.

Maternal Covid-19 vaccination offers infants immunity for up to 6 months


What does this mean for you?

Yes, there are some potential limitations, but this is yet more evidence that vaccinations save lives.

If you want to challenge the study, provide credible citations to support your statements.  Anything from Robert Kennedy does not meet that standard.

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