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Good news Friday – 401(k)s are up a ton, consumer protections, and destroying Russian jets

Great news on the economy…

The labor market stays strong, inflation is slowing, and the stock market continues to boom. 

One economist noted “the April report put a soft landing and 2024 rate cut back in investors’ sights…”

That’s about as good as it gets…but just the latest in a long string of economic improvements over the last three years.

About that 401(k)…

Folks with 401(k)s are enjoying a big jump in account value – Bank of America reported the average account increased 17%

Protecting consumers

This week the Supreme Court rejected the payday loan industry’s latest legal attempt to block consumer protections. The Consumer Financial Protection Board was created after the 2008 financial crisis to regulate predatory lending, mortgages, car loans and other consumer finance.

With this ruling, expect the CFPB to push for rapid adoption of consumer protections including:


Lastly, our allies in Ukraine are FINALLY getting the support they desperately need…and using it to great effect. Earlier this week several jets and buildings  at a key Russian Air Base in Crimea were destroyed.

photo credit CNN

More on what’s happening there next week.

What does this mean for you? 

  • fatter retirement accounts, 
  • lower inflation,
  • and a smackdown of predatory lenders.


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