Pre-Vacation catch up

Leaving tomorrow for eight days away, so today’s a quick catch-up. First up, the news that there’s been a dramatic increase in investor interest in addiction rehab. The market for services will increase to $35 billion this year, up more than 50% over … Continue reading

Friday catch-up

Today most of the news is about PPACA enrollment, prices, and issues related thereto. First up, paid enrollment as of mid-August was about 7.3 million via the Exchanges. That’s a pretty big number, and substantially above initial goals (and below … Continue reading

The irony of Ted Cruz

In Cruz’ 21 hour infomercial he read Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham, ostensibly to his daughters. Cruz would have been better served to learn Seuss’ lessons himself. His fauxlibuster was ostensibly driven by his objection to health reform and desire … Continue reading