The Hawaiian political charade

I received an email from an individual who attended a “hearing” on a workers comp bill in Hawai’i. It’s compelling for two reasons – it clearly illustrates the comp system’s vulnerability to manipulation by those seeking ever-greater profits and ever-lesser … Continue reading

Quick takes…

Crazy busy here at the intergalactic HQ of Health Strategy Associates, so I’ve been slacking on my blogging duties… here’s what came across the virtual desktop of late. Blockchain! several articles of note – save them, file them, read them. … Continue reading

Mitchell’s latest move

Is to acquire the leading auto PBM/pharmacy biller – Cogent Works and subsidiary AutoRx. The announcement, out this morning, contains the usual corporate-speak, but in this case most of it makes sense.  Cogent has both work comp and auto PBM operations, … Continue reading