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The Sandy Blunt story; good news at last

For what seems like years I’ve been reporting on Sandy Blunt’s case and his ongoing and till now fruitless effort to clear his name.
Today we got some good news.
Sandy has long contended the prosecutor, Cynthia Feland, withheld key information that proved he (sandy) did not commit a felony. Today, a North Dakota court agreed, stating:
” The Panel concludes Cynthia M. Feland did not disclose to Michael Hoffman, defense attorney for Charles Blunt, the Wahl memo, and other documents which were evidence or information known to the prosecutor that tended to negate the guilt of the accused…”
Feland, now a sitting elected judge, has had her attorney’s license suspended and has been ordered to pay court costs.
This is not the end of the story. Feland will undoubtedly appeal. But she may well find the more she tries to justify her actions the worse it gets for her.
Beyond this specific issue lies the complete failure of the North Dakota justice system and particularly the Supreme Court. That august body refused to grant Sandy a new trial even when it was confronted with the same evidence that he was wrongfully convicted.
One would hope they feel at least some small embarrassment, if not shame at their complete abdication of responsibility.
One would hope.

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