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Disclosure, cranky lawyers and bad actors

So, what happened yesterday at the comp conference?
Lots. Two work comp execs agreed to sit in front of a couple thousand people while being grilled by an opinionated and occasionally-combative interviewer, an event about as rare as a Rick Perry-Mitt Romney group hug. And in a clear demonstration of his commitment to full financial transparency Sedgwick’s Dave North agreed to share his vendor contracts with customers.
Kudos to Dave for his bold stance.
Local Las Vegas attorneys got really mad at Chris Brigham for his involvement in impairment ratings and discussion of Nevada’s…”challenges”. Mad enough for conference organizers to hire security for Chris very-well-attended talk yesterday when threats to disrupt were made.
A much-needed and by all accounts well-done and even handed presentation on medical foods by Progressive’s Tron Emptage was interrupted by a rather belligerent representatative of Physician Therapeutics Inc., the firm behind much of the physician dispensing of medical foods in CA. Methinks the inciden confined the very point Tron was making; there are good and bad actors in the medical foods business; Tron singled out HSA client Primus as one of the good actors.
More later…

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  1. I am curious about how wwe get access to those vendor contracts. Also what was said that was belligerent during the medical foods seminar?

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