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Report from Vegas, day two

Amidst about a dozen meetings yesterday there was precious little time to catch up on the latest and greatest vendor offerings, greet old friends and colleagues, and sit down and learn from experts.
But I did pick up on a few things of note.
Excellent session on chronic pain led by Broadspire medical director Jake Lazarovic MD. Dr Jake discussed warning signs indicating potential risk for chronic pain that would trigger interventions, as well as the processes and tools (e.g. case management, peer review, referral to an addiction management provider) to address those claims. The tools/processes go under the overall title “Pain Central”, a catchy term that helps focus internal and prospect – attention on an integrated solution.
The award for most new booths goes to the surgical implant cost control business. There were several new entrants, as well as a featured spot within MSC’s booth for their new service line.
Examworks’ by-no-well-recognized huge booth was staffed by hordes of orange-clad folk extolling the benefits of awarding all your IME business to the big player. Meanwhile, competitor MCN had a much more visible presence at the show than is typical for them. Sources indicate MCN’s business is growing, rather significantly, despite, or perhaps in part because, of EXAM’s rapid expansion.
Lots of rumors floating around, including a report of ESIS leaving Coventry for another bill review vendor. This would be a rather substantial loss for the industry-dominator, so we’ll keep you posted.
I’m hoping conference boss Nancy Grover can convince the authorities to schedule the annual daylight savings time change to fall during the conference; the extra hour of sleep would be most welcome.
After I’ve recovered from the frenzy of the last three days I’ll post a more thoughtful and less random review.
For now, safe travels home from Vegas, and for many, see you next week at WCRI in Boston

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  1. Great job with the keynote, Joe! Love the idea of moving the conference to daylight saving time weekend. An extra hour would really help with all of the great activities at this event!

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