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Friday catch-up – non-competes, compounds, and clustermesses

It is a gorgeous day in upstate NY – not that every day in upstate isn’t fabulous.  Hope your weather is equally spectacular.  This week has been nuts…between deals, indictments, PPACA enrollment…gosh how’s a guy supposed to keep up!

First up, my post earlier this week about non-competes generated a lot of attention and more than a few resumes.  I can’t act as a clearinghouse for folks hiring and looking to be hired (much as I’d like to), but a couple companies did reach out to let me know they are looking for workers – non-compete or no.

Broadspire is looking for a bunch of talented, motivated, hardworking people eager to work for a company that cares about them.  Jobs are listed here.

Dane Street is as well – they’ve got eleven jobs open as of now; check them out here.

Evidently OneCall is also hiring, as a friend asked me my thoughts on potentially working for the company.  No comment.

Alas, there are OTHER jobs out there – for people who want to earn “$300 to $1200 per Script and all of its refills” touting compound medications.  The fine folks at TYY Consulting are doing their best to get those meds to people who need them!

Gosh these people are great; “Every patient receives their medication, even if not approved. Should a patient’s script be declined, we send them a 40 gram emergency supply, overnight, and free!!!”

Oh, the wonder of it all!!!

In what can only be described as exquisite timing, WorkCompCentral’s Greg Jones authored a piece in today’s WCC concerning the indictment of a bunch of California docs, “business people”, pharmacists, and assorted hangers-on for a scheme allegedly involving payments of more than $25 million to encourage docs to write scripts for three compound creams that just happened to be formulated based on the profitability of their ingredients.

Hmmmm.  I’m quite sure this is an isolated, one-off case, and wouldn’t want anyone considering a career in the compounding industry to worry at all about any potential legal issues.

The fine folks at Liberty Mutual are encouraging their employees in PA to let their legislators know they support a bill limiting physician dispensing – a practice awfully similar to compounding in that it sucks money out of employers and taxpayers for no good reason.  Kudos to Miss Liberty for pushing this – and hey, other insurers, let’s get cracking, eh?

here’s an excerpt from their piece…

HB 1846 is currently supported by the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC) so please let your Pennsylvania state Senators know you also support HB 1846, without amendments, by writing an email or making a call today. Take action today and don’t let the orthopods and dispensers dilute this bill.

Click Here to View HB 1846

1) CONTACT one or more members of the Pennsylvania State Senate at the Pennsylvania House and urge them to vote yes on HB 1846 

Despite some wishful thinking to the contrary on the part of at least one CompIQ staffer, that app is going the way of…CompReview, PowerTrak, BR 4.0 and other expired/ing bill review platforms.  Shockingly, StrataWare will be the survivor of the acquisition of StrataCare by Xerox.  I know…who woulda thunk it?

I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge and applaud Bob Wilson’s ongoing efforts to keep us informed about the clustermess that SAIF is making out of the firing of former CEO John Plotkin. Bob is setting a standard here that I won’t even try to meet; kudos to him for keeping a very bright – and extremely well-written – focus on this blatant injustice.

No one can turn a phrase into a knife like Bob can…to wit: ” a huge crapfest ensues, ensnaring all involved into a quagmire-like vortex of controversy.”

Bravo, Bob-o!

I’m also going to nominate SAIF employees for workers of the year; the way these folks have rallied behind John is just, well, unprecedented?  And this for a guy who was just there for a few months.

So here’s to you, SAIFers…a toast with your favorite Gilgamesh 22 – or perhaps a great Oregon Pinot Noir!

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  1. Thank you Joe! We love the work we do and are dedicated to justice. Our hope is that this wrong is made right.

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