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Mark Walls returns to Safety National

Well, done, Safety National.

As reported by WorkCompCentral, the reinsurer returned Mark Walls to the fold, but in a much more prominent position and one where his value will be maximized.

Kudos to Marsh for figuring out Mark was a valuable commodity and bringing him on board to run their Workers Comp Center of Excellence.  While obvious no-brainer, it was a brilliant move.  It paid off big-time for Marsh as they benefited greatly from the exposure and brand enhancement that came every time one of Mark’s 22,800 (!!) LinkedIn group members logged onto the group site.

Now that he’s back in the friendly halls of SN, he’s got the role, responsibility, and freedom he should have had all along.  When Mark Walls left Safety National to take a position with Marsh, I was rather critical of the reinsurer; now that they’ve brought him back I would be remiss indeed if I did not compliment them on the move.  According to their announcement, Mark will “oversee thought leadership activities and external communications, including developing content for white papers, social media, webinars and speaking engagements…”

In other words, he’ll be Mark – bringing his deep and broad market following, insights and intel, and his own particular brand of humor and rather unique dance moves and alter egos back to whence they came.

Reporting to the top gives Mark the access and SN the direct connection to the market needed to maximize his value.  One suggestion for Mark’s boss – now that he’s back, don’t get all “insurance” on him.  Recognize that his value is immediacy, exposure, his voice.  Don’t wordsmith, monitor, oversee, “manage” the guy – sure he’ll say some things (or wear some costumes) on occasion that will make you wonder, but that’s who he is and why he’s so damn good at getting you the recognition you want.

What does this mean for you?

Good for Mark, and good for Safety National.  And for the rest of you out there in insurance-world, wake up.  SN got a huge bargain, and you missed out.  



2 thoughts on “Mark Walls returns to Safety National”

  1. check out the latest on the Aenta Coventry sale of WC

  2. Mark is probably the most valuable player out there, I agree. What he’s done at Safety National, and how he’s elevated their profile via LinkedIn and other venues, speaks directly to just how valuable he is.

    Somehow, the planets seem better aligned with him at SN. :)

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