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The Comp Conference begins…

I’ll be blogging from the NWCDC this week – here’s what we’ll be looking for…

  • latest and greatest new thing on the Exhibit floor.  In the past (waaaay past), it has been MSAs, drug testing, PBMs, disaster recovery, security.  What’s big now?
  • new announcements that are actually “new” and worthy of announcement. Every year we (pseudo) media types get flooded with press releases announcing hugely exciting events/deals/breakthroughs – many of which are not a) exciting or b) news.
  • best, most useful, and well-done presentation – looks like there will be several potential ones
  • wildest rumor on the floor. What will it be this year?
    • Aetna decides to invest in workers comp?
    • Examworks and MES are actually the same company?
    • Bob Wilson is a closet liberal?

And of course, we’ll be hoping the Latin Grammys are in the Mandalay Bay again this year. Gotta have some really exciting new stuff!

2 thoughts on “The Comp Conference begins…”

  1. Unfortunately the Latin Grammys are in MGM Grand this year. We may get some overflow groupies though. I’m hoping to hang out with Pitbull, J-Lo and Shakira. Who wouldn’t want to party with the workers comp crowd!!

    See you there Joe!

  2. You first have to have a brain, and a desire not to attack people before you can become a liberal. Therefore, Bob Wilson is not a liberal, closet or otherwise. More like the Rush Limbaugh of the WC blogosphere.

    BTW, his reputation has now been spread to Mexico, where I mentioned him, but not his name, and my fellow FAU alum, Maria Todd defended my position.

    Lastly, I am expecting to discuss an opportunity with a company this week. They are familiar with WC and MT. I met them in Miami Beach last May at the Costa Rica MT event.

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