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WTF are they doing??

Yesterday’s announcement that the Justice Department will move to kill the entire ACA – with NO replacement legislation – sent shock waves thru the healthcare world.

And will send many Americans straight over the edge.

If the Trump Administration is successful, 21 million of us will lose healthcare.

Up to 133 million Americans will lose coverage for pre-existing conditions for individuals and small employers.

Insurers will be able to charge older Americans whatever they want for insurance policies.

Seniors’ drug costs will increase dramatically – along with costs for wellness checks, copays, and premiums.

Hospitals will get hammered as they are forced to treat uninsured people with no chance of reimbursement.

Treatment for opioid abuse disorder will be cut by $874 million.

Insurers will be able to cap what they spend on your healthcare costs.

You may find your kids between 18 – 26 are no longer covered by your insurance.

What’s even more stunning is the Trump Administration is doing all this with no plan to fix healthcare.  No legislation, no regulations, nothing at all.

For the vast majority of Americans this is catastrophically stupid and for Republicans politically idiotic.

The Trump Administration is shoving Americans off a cliff, with no regard to what lies beneath.

What does this mean for you?

If Trump et al succeed, you’re going to pay a lot more for worse coverage  – if you can get it – that has caps on what your insurer will pay for and your kids over 21 are on their own.




5 thoughts on “WTF are they doing??”

  1. He is trying to destroy this country because they are not allowing his Campaign Promise to take life. Let him use his own money. He is a bastard and should be impeached for intentionally trying to destroy our country.

    1. Agree with Richard that this is the direction Trump is taking. Seems like he will destroy what is in place, create havoc and declare an emergency so that he can put in whatever cockamamie scheme will make money for him and his cronies.

  2. Unfortunately the Obama Regime along with Congress did a miserable job with the legalities for implementing the ACA. It was an interim plan, crippled from the beginning with changes made at the executive level with no regard to outcome. Their thought was the Clinton would win and bring about single payer and the Federal Leviathan finished up swallowing up the entire Health Care/Insurance monstrosity. The Federal Government needs to decide that if they want to deliver health care they better start building and hiring. The unneeded complexity of current regulation, coding, billing only provides more expensive health care with poorer outcomes. I am in the medical field and we have never denied care to anyone. The healthcare insurance industry along with the Federal Government have denied payment for healthcare to many. The system will implode and it will get very ugly.

    1. Tony – thanks for the note. We will have to agree to disagree. As I’ve written here before, the GOP did a wonderful job crippling the ACA, with Rubio one of the lead assassins. We do agree that the system will implode, mostlyh because the ACA was the last best hope for private insurance – and it is being crushed.

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