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Help me understand…

We are in the midst of a national pandemic, where:

Yes, Congress has appropriated funds to help cover the costs of COVID19 treatment, but those funds are likely woefully insufficient – especially now that the infection rate is exploding. Oh, and the Administration notes that its program to reimburse providers for treating uninsured COVID-19 patients is “subject to available funding.”

As hospital costs alone for these patients could be between $13.9 billion to $41.8 billion, that’s a huge caveat.

Into this disaster, the White House and Republicans are seeking to overturn the Affordable Care Act, which would:

  • end Medicaid expansion,
  • allow insurers to deny coverage,
    • based on pre-existing conditions,
    • for adult dependents up to age 26
  • allow insurers to charge whatever they want,
  • and allow insurers to limit payment or refuse coverage for any type of medical care they want.

So, 3 million of us now have been infected with COVID-19. Those unfortunates now have a pre-existing condition, which would – if the ACA is overturned – mean health insurers would be able to reject them and/or raise their premiums as much as the insurers want.

Let’s not forget many of the rest of us also have pre-existing conditions; personally I had cataract surgery years ago and several orthopedic injuries which would subject me to limits on coverage.

What’s even worse is the White House and Republicans have no alternative, no replacement plan, no solution or stopgap.

Nope, they want to blow up the current system and replace it with…nothing.

What does this mean for you?

Nothing good.


7 thoughts on “Help me understand…”

  1. I just don’t know what to say. I scratch my head every day so i won’t be able to help you understand

  2. It’s not just the republicans, but the dems too! why is it so hard to play nice. so much for country before party

    1. Hello David – thanks for the note. While both parties are certainly intransigent at times, in this case it’s pretty clear that the GOP is a)seeking to blow up the ACA and b) has no replacement.
      If you have other information please send it over – I’ve been wrong before.
      be well – Joe

  3. In a perfect world, it would be nice if both parties worked together for the betterment of the citizens of the United States and not their own agendas. (Isn’t this what we are wasting our tax dollars on?) This isn’t happening regardless of party-lines. Anarchy, tyranny, defunding police departments, and destroying taxpayer properties is only deflecting any of the real issues.

    I’m in agreement of keeping parts of ACA which should be inclusive for all (pre-existing conditions, etc.). There needs to be transparency in pricing for healthcare, currently, there is not. Physicians, hospitals and insurance providers charge patients whatever they want despite co-payments, deductibles, etc.
    There should be term limits for all elected politicians and no federal insurance specific for congress-who can afford anything they want. Let’s quit finger-pointing and start putting into place actionable and realistic laws that benefit ALL American citizens.

    There needs to be a plan on how to better healthcare for all citizens and not be a pawn of the political parties.

    1. Hello Tammy and thanks for the note.

      Re the anarchy you describe, perhaps you are referring to the black-gun toting people that invaded various state capitals and the Gettysburg National Monument. Politicians who seek to suppress voting and disenfranchise voters are indeed attempting to perpetuate tyranny.

      There have been hundreds of peaceful protests and a handful of those that have turned violent. There have also been many incidents of outright racism directed at minorities and people of color. That, I assure you, is a real issue.

      As one who has parented two African-Americans who are now young men, I can assure you racism is a “real” issue. As the brother of a retired FBI Special Agent and brother in law of an FBI Special Agent who died in the line of duty, I can assure you I know first hand the burdens placed on law enforcement. Reality is many are woefully unprepared to deal with many of the incidents they are forced to address; this is a grave injustice to those tasked with protecting and helping us as well as to the citizens that pay for them and rely on their help.

      I echo your thoughts on the need for actionable laws; alas the GOP has promised for years to come up with an alternative to the ACA and has not. Now the GOP wants to overturn the ACA with no replacement. I would encourage you and everyone else to insist that our elected officials pass laws to strengthen ACA, require Medicaid expansion in all states, and pass laws to reform campaign finance which is the ultimate cause of our healthcare problems.

      be well – Joe

  4. Tammy and Joe, thank you for the wonderfully civil exchange of ideas. With all the unrest surrounding us, it is a pleasure to read the words of two rational humans discussing actual civic issues in a respectful and positive manner. Thank you.

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